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CFMRS1000 Cantilevered Floor Mounted Rail Systems
Knight Global's Cantilevered Rail Systems are designed to eliminate the need for a four post floor structure system. It provides an alternative to workstations with minimal floor space.

A wide range of options are available with each system to meet all your specific engineering and application requirements. A Knight Representative will assist you in selecting and developing alternatives when designing your rail system.
  • CFMRS1000
  • Configurations
CFMRS1000 Features/ Benefits
• Maximum Column Height:
  17 ft. [5181mm].
• Maximum Beam Length:
  23 ft. [7010mm].
• Rigid End Trucks to prevent skewing of
  the bridge and for precise loading and
  unloading operations.
• End-Caps with Shocks to absorb the
  bridge hitting the end of the rail.
• Extended Stack Hangers with
  1.5 in. [38mm] of vertical adjustment in
  0.25 in. [6mm] increments.
• Sway Cables with turnbuckles for
• Integrated beam pad eyes to secure
  safety and lateral sway cables.
• Beam pad eyes assist in the lifting of the
  beam for assembly of the rail system.
• Maximum capacity varies by system
  requirements. See specification sheet
  for more information.
• Additional columns to minimize deflection.
• Extended Runways over 27 ft. [8230mm]
  - Requires Runway Rail Splice kit.
• Mid Rail Stops.
• Dual Cantilevered Rail System
• Offset Three Post Cantilevered Rail
  System Configuration.
Note: Additional columns can be added to the two post system to achieve greater load capacities and minimize deflection. Additional bridge rails can be added also to multiple bay systems to support multiple operations.
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