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KBA/KBC External Retract Control Pneumatic/ Air Balancer Series
Knight Air Balancers incorporate a standard internal centrifugal brake to insure that any runaway load comes to an immediate and complete halt, additionally Knight offers an optional External Safety Retract Control Series for added protection and adjustability to your application.

The External Safety Retract Control is an adjustable safety feature that regulates the balancer's speed of vertical travel. If a load is lost, the cable on the balancer will not suddenly accelerate upward, because the hydraulic shocks from the external retract control put resistance on the thrust bearing allowing the cable or chain to slowly retract into the air balancer.

The external retract control balancer series are typically used:
   a) If the fixture that is attached to the balancer is light hook picking up a heavy part.
   b) If a part has the tendency to get stuck in the dunnage.

In both these applications the retract will control the cable from suddenly accelerating up.
  • Features/Benefits
  • Models
  • Control Options
  • Accessories
  • Installation Tips
Knight Global KBA/KBC External Retract Control Pneumatic/ Air Balancer Series
Features/ Benefits
• (2) Hydraulic Shocks.
• Protective Shock Cover.
• Adjustable Resistance Settings.
• CE Compliant.
• Hands-Free Operation.
• Standard "Float" Mode.
• Internal Centrifugal Retract Control.
• Requires Non-Lubricated
  Clean/Dry Air.
• Max. Balancing Capacity:
   Up to 700 lbs. [317kg].
• Standard Travel: Up to 110 in. [2794mm].
• Available for cable and chain balancers.
• Prevents personal injury.
• Prevents cable spool from accelerating if
  load is lost.
• Provides continuous resistance.
Multiple Suspension Kits Available.
Note: Knight Global's External Safety Retract Control must be installed at Knight Global on a new unit. It cannot be purchased as a separate accessory and installed on an existing air balancer.
Knight Global KBA/KBC External Retract Control Pneumatic/ Air Balancer Series
Knight Global KBA/KBC External Retract Control Pneumatic/ Air Balancer Series
Model Information
KBA-EX Series Cable Air Balancers
Model Number
Rated Capacity lbs. [kg]
Maximum Travel in. [mm]
150 lbs [68kg]
76 in [1930mm]
225 lbs [102kg]
73 in [1854mm]
225 lbs [102kg]
110 in [2794mm]
350 lbs [159kg]
73 in [1854mm]
500 lbs [227kg]
80 in [2032mm]
700 lbs [318kg]
54 in [1371mm]
KBC-EX Series Chain Air Balancers
Model Number
Rated Capacity lbs.[kg]
Maximum Travel in.[mm]
150 lbs [68kg]
70 in [1778mm]
200 lbs [91kg]
110 in [2794mm]
225 lbs [102kg]
67 in [1701mm]
350 lbs [159kg]
67 in [1701mm]
500 lbs [227kg]
80 in [2032mm]
700 lbs [318kg]
52 in [1320mm]
Knight Global Pneumatic Air Balancer Control Options
Control Options
Diverse Control Options
Knight Global Balancer Controls are designed for precision handling of variable loads through a variety of possibilities. UP/DOWN movements can be achieved by utilizing either a Knight Global standard pendant assembly with color coded thumb levers, or through the natural intuitive motion of a person with the In-Line Feather Touch assembly.

"Zero-Gravity" or "Floating" capabilities are achieved through precision High Relieving regulators, for a smooth and natural feel. These options help when it is difficult locating an object. Knight Global controls are designed with ergonomics and comfort in mind. Handle assemblies have a series of mounting options to help with designing the perfect system.
Internal and External Retract Controls
Knight incorporates a standard internal centrifugal retract control to insure that in the event of a sudden loss of load the cable/chain comes to an immediate and complete halt. Optional external retract control imparts a controlled condition to the spooling of the cable. By adjusting the pressure of the shock, the spool will only be allowed to move in a chosen maximum speed.

UP/DOWN Position Limit Switch
Knight balancers can incorporate up to (2) two spring loaded rod assemblies and limit switches to allow the customer the ability to relay an air pilot signal when predetermined heights have been achieved. Mounted to the bracket is a 5-way pneumatics valve that is de-actuated by the position flag as the balancer travels upward.
Note: Using an Air Balancer with a Position Limit Switch will eliminate the internal safety retract control. Check with your local safety regulations before use and/ or contact a Knight Representative.
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